Smart Alarm Lock


অর্ডার করতে  অর্ডার করুন  বাটনে ক্লিক করুন।



In recent years security has become a very position issue. theft is usually on the rise worldwide and demand for effective reasonable security is very robust. This lock has been designed with this in mind and supply Associate in Nursing intelligent security answer for a large vary of common applications.
The problem with standard Alarm Locks is that they simply mutely anticipate thieves to come back on. this lock is totally different because it has Associate in Nursing ear piercing alarm. making an attempt to chop through the Alarm Lock starts the alarm screaming, attracting attention and scaring away the potential staler. in keeping with Police and different law government agencies noise is that the best deterrent against crime.
This innovative padlock Alarm Lock has a hundred and ten decibel Siren. it’s appropriate for all climate. The Padlock alarms once tampered Associate in Nursing  it smartly adopts an extremist sensitive mode when the primary alarm just in case the trespasser returns. One will use the padlock with activated alarm mode or while not alarm. it’s ideal for garden sheds and homes, garages, caravans, bicycles, gates etc.

  • To replace the batteries remove the 2 screws in the shackle holes.
  • Remove cover and replace the batteries (6xA76/LR44 1.5 V).
  • Be sure to pay attention to polarity and that cover goes on same way it came off.
  • Batteries should last 2 years under normal operating situations.